Everything Bagel Hummus

Tired of plain hummus? Give this two ingredient snack a try! Gives your hummus a salty and crunchy addition that is awesome with pita bread, cucumbers, olives, carrots and more! Add 1 tablespoon of everything bagel seasoning to your hummus container and stir. This can be found at Walmart, Trader Joe’s and even on Amazon….

Rosemary Chicken and Honey Balsamic Carrots

This meal prep recipe is hearty and filling without a lot of heavy carbs. It is a meal that will make you feel warmth like the ingredients of fall cooking do but won’t leave you feeling like your stomach is weighed down afterwards. I enjoy the fresh flavors of the bright lemons juice and rosemary….

Pizza Chips

Feeling yourself craving pizza but do not want all the bread? Here is a great snack that is low budget and only takes two ingredients and less than 20 minutes to throw together. These are great and they satisfy the grease and the cheesy cravings you are trying to fill. The recipe is really very…

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

This dish is great because it’s versatile. This can be the main dish for dinner or it can be a side dish. It’s great warm at night or cold for your summer picnic. I used this as a lunch meal prep for work recently and I loved it. I think you will like it too….

St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board

So I have been noticing a trend of charcuterie boards lately. You probably have seen them too. Honestly it is just a fancy name for a meat and cheese board. It is something you can completely customize and make your own. For some great inspiration on snack boards and charcuterie boards, check out The BakerMama….

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Fruit Platter

This is a fun fruit platter to go with the theme of St Patrick’s Day. It is great as an afternoon snack and your kiddos are bound to have tons of fun helping you assemble the rainbow while you make the dip that is the “clouds”. For the dip, it is 2 Chobani Lemon Creme…

St. Patrick’s Day Tortilla Chips

St. Patrick’s Day is coming and that means everything green and shamrock shaped is popular! This is a healthy St Patrick’s Day recipe that is naturally green so there is no green dye. The green color comes from spinach so it’s even sort of healthy, so win win win. And it’s a snack not a…

Valentine’s Day Tortilla Chips

Valentine’s Day Tortilla Chips Ingredients Flour or corn tortillas Olive oil Salt *you will also need cookie cutters and a small pastry brush* I found my cookie cutters at Walmart and my pastry brush at Dollar Tree. Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Lightly spray the parchment…

Frankenstein Veggie Board

This recipe can be put together in 10 minutes and is a great recipe for a Halloween Party or for a fun after school snack with your kiddos. It is only 3 ingredients too! I mean.. come on.. how cute is this? Bound to be a hit at an gathering or even with your kiddos…

Halloween Tortilla Chips

If you want to have a fun and festive Halloween party appetizer or simple after school snack this recipe is for you! Your kiddos will be so excited to help you with this recipe and there is barely any mess or cleanup which is perfect. You will need to gather these items: Click the link…