Frankenstein Veggie Board

This recipe can be put together in 10 minutes and is a great recipe for a Halloween Party or for a fun after school snack with your kiddos.

It is only 3 ingredients too!

I mean.. come on.. how cute is this?

Bound to be a hit at an gathering or even with your kiddos who are picky eaters. Just serve with a dip and it is a complete appetizers.

This goes well with ranch, French onion dip, hummus, spinach dip and more!


2 green bell peppers

1 cucumber or 1 zucchini

1 can sliced black olives

Step by step directions (see the YouTube video for this recipe here)

1. Slice bell peppers into strips.

2. Slice cucumbers or zucchini and save the ends of the cucumber.

3. Drain olives

4. Arrange bell pepper strips in 3 rows to make the face

5. Add cucumber slices for his eyes and top with olive slices

6. Use ends of cucumber to place on the ends of the face as ears and place olives on the outer end.

Tips: cut a section off the bottom to make it stand flat and cut off the edge so the olive can rest against it

7. Use remaining olives to form a mouth and hair

8. Serve with dip!




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