Fast Food Fried Chicken Sandwich

Do you love the idea of fast food but hate how it makes you feel with all the extra grease and sodium and what not? We do at my house!!

Also, we have food allergies so we tend to eat at home. This has led us to recreate our favorite meals at home. One of them is this Zaxbys Style sandwich!

We made a batter and made the chicken fingers ourselves as well.

Preheat the deep fryer to 350. Preheat oven to 375.

Mix 1.5 cups flour, 1 teaspoon black pepper and 1 1/4 cup milk in a bowl.

Bread chicken tenders in flour and dip in mixture in bowl.

Fry in deep fryer until golden brown and cooked to at least 165 read by a meat thermometer. Typically this will take about 8-12 minutes. If they brown too fast, turn down heat.

While that is cooking, toast Texas toast on a baking sheet for a few minutes until lightly toasted.

Toss tenders in hot sauce. We used Franks Buffalo Sauce.

Add 2-3 tenders to a slice of bread with extra hot sauce drizzled on. Add ranch and serve!

YUM. Make fries to make a meal!



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